**After checkout, check Order Confirmation email for added comments.**
Certain settings/actions may clear comments. If comments do not show on the Order Confirmation email, contact us asap or your order will not be held and your items will not be added.

The Comments box is available in your cart. Use this to let us know anything from directions for the courier to other products you were interested in adding to your order. If you would like to add additional items to your order, please review this page prior to placing an order. 
Any questions regarding stock will typically have your order put on hold. If the items are not available, we may skip the hold and send your order out as is while letting you know by email that the items were not available. 
If the items in your comment are available (or sometimes if a similar item is available that we can offer,) we'll put your order on hold and contact you. We'll work with you regarding what items you want and how many of each, then we'll manually add these to your order. Once they are added, we'll send you an email with a detailed list of your products as well as a checkout link for the total amount owed. Once approved and paid, we'll take your order off hold and send it out by courier.
Adding items may take time, especially as we work with you to make sure we have exactly what you want in your order. Additional items may incur extra fees or change your shipping fee as customized orders do not qualify for the website's flat rates. All item and shipping prices will be displayed in the email with the checkout link; if you have any questions, just let us know prior to paying. 
Inquiries that do not affect your order will not cause your order to be placed on hold. We'll answer your question by email and send your order like normal. Any notes for the courier will be added to the shipping label of your parcel.